about kootenaymac

started in April 2006, kootenaymac – the Apple collectible weblog – resides at kootenaymac.blogspot.com

both kootenaymac.ca and kootenaymac.com redirect to kootenaymac.blogspot.com

to contact dave by phone in Nelson BC or to send email please go to kootenaymac.tel

to find used good used vintage Apple computers and iDevices for sale in south eastern British Columbia, (due north of Spokane Washington) go to the kootenaymac itemized computers for sale list.

local pick-up for computers is preferred but I have shipped a few vintage iMacs, eMacs and towers and try to keep a few original boxes with factory packing on hand. a mint G3 iMac Flower Power was sent to Virginia recently with no problems and a vintage TAM to Texas, however shipping a full size computer has become even more expensive over the last few years. mailing is available for shirts, mugs, posters and other high tech memorabilia worldwide at cost.

kootenaymac’s posting schedule works like this;  a new item or a vintage collection is posted on mondays, tuesday is a good second-hand mac computer, wednesday and thursday are Apple items such as a t-shirt or poster and friday is a non-apple high tech collectible. saturday might be a long sleeve shirt, jacket, hardware or accessory – it varies. most days get a link to a computer article that I find on the web that might be helpful, interesting, timely or vintage.

I will also try to restore, reuse or recycle G3 iMac apple computers. click here for my wanted dead or alive post.

there is now a facebook page at facebook.com/kootenaymac and you can also follow the rss feed at kootenaymac.blogspot.com/atom.xml as well as this wordpress feed plus a couple of tweets a week at twitter.com/kootenaymac

thanks for reading along, see you over at the blog – fraternally, dave in nelson bc canada


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